After reading some of the initial reports come out literally days after the SP was released I was a bit surprised they released something that could have the potential of so much trouble. I was just contacted by one of my past Exchange class students Scott, who works for a global company and they are having some major issues. How major? read below..

I don’t know if you have read many of the blogs on SP1 yet, if you haven’t I recommend reading them and passing the info onto your students and in your blog.   We started fighting with it last Friday and we are still battling with it.   We have already done one server recovery and I think we have another one in our near future we had to break down and open a case with MS and are awaiting confirmation from them if it is time.

This is NOT  cool. For a list of the known issues please head over the MSExchange team’s blog post on the matter.

Scott then was nice enough to give some details on the issues he’s experiencing and also some related TechNet forum posts as well..

The first failure was the second post on the blog that I missed.   If you have PowerShell settings configured by GPO it will kill it during the install.    When we attempted to do the recoverserver on this one it would dying trying to apply permissions to the registry stating that a key was not present.   We ended up doing a clean windows install to get this one back.   Now when we do the install it makes it all the way to the Mailbox roles then dies with AD attribute change it looks like.    There appears to be a lot of issues with a mutli-domain configuration.  

check out


Scott – thanks a ton for giving all of our readers here some first hand experience on your issues with SP1 in the hopes the troubles you’ve experienced can be avoided for other users! Scott – consider yourself blog deputized and feel free to write any article for us any time Smile