One of the many "Gotcha’s" that most Exchange administrators miss when transitioning from Exchange 2k or 2k3 to 2007 is forgetting to move other resources to the new 2007 environment. Admins will never miss mailboxes, but what about our little friend the OAB (Offline address book) Alot of administrators miss this before they perform their uninstallation of Exchange from the generating server! I too have fallen prey to this.
     Best practice is to move the OAB from the one server to the 2007 environment. Steps for moving the OAB found here…
     One of the ways I have gotten around this issue if you’ve already blown the 2k3 server away and cannot restore it is to create a fresh one. Issue is there will already be a reference to the old one ( the one the clients are trying to pull ) that needs to be removed. Until you do, users will continue to get the dreaded  0X8004010F outlook errors during send and receive! Once the object is removed you can then create a new one with a new name and after about 24 hrs all the clients should have authenticated and queried for which OAB to get and from where.
      Note – this delete remove solution is NOT microsoft "approved" but what I was able to do with a few steps to get it going again.
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 How to Move OAB
1. Start the Exchange Management Console.
2. In the console tree, expand Organization Configuration, and then click Mailbox.
3. In the result pane, click the Offline Address Book tab, and then select the OAB for which you want to move the generation to a new server.
4. In the action pane, click Move. The Move Offline Address Book wizard appears.
5. On the Move Offline Address Book page, click Browse to open the Select Mailbox Server dialog box.
6. Select the server to which you want to move the OAB generation process, and then click OK.
7. Click Move to move the OAB generation process to the new server.
8. View the status of the move operation. The wizard will move the generation of your OAB to the new server and copy the existing files for the OAB to the new server.
9. On the Completion page, confirm whether the OAB generation process was moved successfully. A status of Completed indicates that the wizard completed the task successfully. A status of Failed indicates that the task was not completed. If the task fails, review the summary for an explanation, and then click Back to make any configuration changes.
10. Click Finish to complete the Move Offline Address Book wizard.

Click in the browse and select E2K7 and then click on move

If you want to perform it from powershell follow this command
Move-OfflineAddressBook -Identity "My OAB" -Server SERVER01

I hope this article is being very informative for you all. Thank you for your time and patience for going through this article.

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