I know this has some overalpping themes from the FaceBook "25 things you don’t know about me.." string, but I figured I would give a bit of insight into my life to those of you who regularly follow this blog in all of it’s full awesomeness!
     So, to get on point.. Some things you might not know about Chad Solarz (if you are even remotely interested)
  1. Has more issues than his surgically repaired knees. I’ve broken more bones than most people doing various sports (hockey, skiiing, basketball, etc..)
  2. I may pick on my wife and kids in jokes and stories in my classes, but i would stand in front of a train for them if they needed it. Family comes first.
  3. Is a very cautious driver most of the time. Due to a few semi-scary accidents on my motorcycles and cars
  4. HATES to be late. One of the biggest pet peeves i have. I would rather get somewhere 45 mins early before being 1 minute late. it’s just professional and curteous
  5. have almost flat feet, with almost no arch.


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