In today’s 6291 "Upgrading your XP skills to Windows 7" class classmate Dave asked a great question…
    "Can I manage the Compatability view settings for IE8 via policy? Can I preset which sites should be used with compatability mode?"
    AWESOME question! This is where i begin the massive dump of information. Below are the associated links :-)
    First is a good resource for what you can and can’t control in IE8 via Group Policy from TechNet
    Now that is great and all, but we specifically were asking about Compatability mode and GPO’s.

As Internet Explorer 8 render web pages in a new way than previous versions of Internet Explorer there is a good chance that one or more web pages you or your users regularly visit are broken or not displaying properly in IE8. Fortunately there is a compatibility mode in IE8 that makes web pages render as though they were displayed in IE7. This action is normally a manual one and the main problem here is that very few users are aware of this compatibility mode. To alleviate problems for the end users you can control the settings and compatibility list of web sites using group policy objects.

Start the Group Policy manager and go to Computer configuration > Administrative templates > Windows Components > Internet Explorer > Compatibility view and there look for “Use Policy List of Internet Explorer 7 sites”. Add the URLs for the web sites that you want IE 8 to always render in IE7 mode.

     AWESOME! Now what if I wanted even MORE info on IE8 and policy settings? Well make sure you hit up the following link :-) taken from the MSDN IE Blog

IE8 Group Policy

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