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This was taken from the scripting forums at the following site..  Microsoft Scripting Center!

Script Code


'  Accountexpires.vbs logon script
'  VBScript

'  The script checks the current user's expriation date in AD and compares it against
'  the predermined settings for notification, definted by the strOptions variables
'  If it determines the user's expiration date matches one of those variables, it then notifies
'  the user via message box upon logon to the network. The user is then required to press 'OK' to continue. 
'  Created by:
'  Jason A Winters
'  Systems Administrator
'  Kandahar, Afghanistan
'  DSN: 421-7378
'  jason.winters@afghan.swa.army.mil
'  1 Feb 2010
'--Script Start---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Dim objUser, CurrentUser
Dim strMbox, DaysToExpiration,strOption1, strOption2, strOption3, strOption4, strOption5, strOption6

'Bind to the user object using the current user

set objUser = Createobject("ADSystemInfo")
Set CurrentUser = GetObject("LDAP://" & objUser.UserName)

'set options for number of days to check expiration

stroption1 = 1
strOption2 = 2
strOption3 = 3
strOption4 = 7
strOption5 = 14
strOption6 = 30

'Read Account Expiration Date

on error resume next
dtmAccountExpiration = CurrentUser.AccountExpirationDate 

DaysToExpiration = DateDiff("d", Now, dtmAccountExpiration) - 1

' check to see if account expiration date is blank. if blank, then do nothing

If err.number = -2147467259 Or (datediff("d","01/01/1970",dtmAccountExpiration)<=0) Then 
	'Check to see if expiration date matches one of the options specified at the beginning of the script

	If ((DaysToExpiration = strOption1) or (DaysToExpiration = strOption2) or (DaysToExpiration = strOption3) or (DaysToExpiration = strOption4) or (DaysToExpiration = strOption5) or (DaysToExpiration = strOption6)) Then

 	'change the text below to fit your orginizations needs

		strMbox = MsgBox("You have " & DaysToExpiration &" day(s) until your account expires.",0,"** NOTICE **")

	End if
End If
on error goto 0

Platforms -

Windows Server 2008 R2

Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2003

Windows 7

Windows Vista

Windows XP

Windows 2000

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