There are some known issues when trying to run login scripts on a Vista or Windows 7 machine. This is mostly due to our best friend and worst enemy UAC (User Account Control). Now the UAC is there to protect ourselves,… from OURSELVES! In it’s haste to protect us it can cause havoc when it comes to perfoming login activities like mapping network drives to your servers! An un-recommended method would be to diable or turn off the UAC. This puts a serious hole in the security model that Vista and higher systems leans on. Now this post is specifically for Printer mappings, but a better method is as follows, this can be done via local policy or network based GPO’s..

In your local policy object or the GPMC


Go to Computer Configuration – Adminstrative Templates – Printers

Locate POINT and PRINT RESTRICTIONS  -  Change Status from Not Configured to DISABLED

Click on to APPLY and then OK


Now logged off and log on as the User.  You will now be getting the Printer mappings.

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