Mike, a student of mine came and asked, I really like using XP mode in Windows 7 for application compatibility, but having to do the setup and config over and over again is really a pain the butt. Anyway I could speed the process like a sysprep?


Absolutely. You are dealing with a VM, a VHD in particular. He then made the XP mode setup, but did some very basic customizations and did NOT add it to the domain. Then he copied the VHD file off to a central place for later distribution.

on the following machines he just installs Windows Virtual PC and installs the necessary patch. next he creates a new VM from scratch and then just points to the local copy of the VHD he’s made from earlier and BAM. all that is left is to join it to the domain.

Is there a better way? Sure MED-V is a better solution but this is a quick win, with no costs.

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