I ran across some great info today on just that – see below!

Managing VMware with PowerShell FAQ

  • www.vmware.com/go/powershell  – the home page for the VI Toolkit (for Windows) (aka PowerShell toolkit) on the VMware site
  • blogs.VMware.com/vipowershell  – the blog for said toolkit. I talked about Carter’s two blog entries using spreadsheets and PowerShell, but if you’re interested in this at all, just go read the all the posts. You’ll get the hang of it by the time you’ve skimmed them.
  • communities.VMware.com/community/developer/windows_toolkit – the developer community
  • we talked about several PowerShell books.
  • Fun with PowerShell and VMware from Mike Laverick
  • vip-svmotion.sourceforge.net – SVMotion plugin
  • vitfordotnet.sourceforge.net – VI toolkit for .NET
  • vijava.sourceforge.net – VI Java
  • akutz.wordpress.com – Andrew Kutz’s blog
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