I understand that title is a bit harsh. Let me preface this with the fact I do LOVE my WHS. It keeps all the machines in my home fully backed up and those full backups have saved my rear more than once already. Recently my wife’s laptop was knocked to the ground while on and open at a sporting event. After a few successful reboots the HD decided it had enough and went to the Peripherals graveyard in the sky. After replacing the 200Gb Sata drive with a new 250Gb one i booted to the restore CD and then injected my NIC drivers from USB. I selected the machine and date I wanted to restore from and in a matter of 3 hours her laptop was a mirror image of it’s fully funcitonal self.
To give some background on my WHS, it’s not one of those slick pre-packaged HP models (even though i covet those) but rather it’s a older Dell dimension C521 3.0ghz machine with 4gb of ram and a couple of 1 TB sata drives. Also tacked on the back side are 2 USB externals of 1TB and 500Gb respectively. this provides for MORE than enough storage and backup space. One little quirk I noted so far was after a power loss. For some reason one of my external drives would not turn back on automatically like it should have. Since the WHS couldn’t access the drives in it’s striped set it showed all the storage as "offline"  Once corrected the server recovered and was useable once more.
Now to my current conundrum. After rebuilding my laptop from being based on Windows Server 2008 Data center edition with a small partition used for Win 7 testing, I moved to a primarly sized partition for Win 7 beta (build 7000) and the smaller sized one now for WS2008 R2 Data center edition for testing. Yes, you read that right I am now currently bleeding edge since I’m banking on beta OS’s. I feel this will give me the best step up for when these finally drop later this year. I’ll have the most experience possible with Hyper-V 2.0, Powershell 2.0, Windows 7 and so on and so on. Since rebuilding my machine with said OS’s and adding the newly named laptop back into the home server playing field I can back up successfully but for some reason cannot access the old build’s backups. I am looking to pluck the 7-8 Hyper-V based VM’s I created so I don’t have to double my work. I am repeatedly getting the "Cannot connect to windows home server, make sure all services are running". This ever so generic error really irked me since I already WAS connected to the server! How does it supposed I was able to see all the past backup jobs?!?
So here I am trying not to injure myself or the machine in trying to find a solution.
Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me. Sorry to vent on you guys :)

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