Have you happened to note the new service startup option in WS2k8? Wondered the details as to what it did?
I found an awesome blog entry which outlines the details as to how it determines when to finish the service launching..
I’ve seen varying numbers on exactly how long that is. Some posts / papers have said..

·         Automatic (Delayed Start) specifies that a service should be started approximately 2 minutes after the system has completed starting the operating system.

·         The Automatic (Delayed Start) startup type is preferred over the Automatic startup type because it helps reduce the effect on the system’s overall boot performance.

·         An example of a service that use the Automatic (Delayed Start) startup type is the Windows Update service that scans for applicable security updates for the system.


The above info was from a paper dated Jan 20, 2009 from this link..


ECM white Paper

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