If you have followed me on Twitter (@csolarz) then you may have heard how I’ve experienced some issues after installing the RTM bits of Office 2010.

First let’s cover the installation experience. I have Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my laptop with 4gb of ram. I normally do NOT use very large files on this system. Thus the 64-bit Office beta I was running really was completely unnecessary. I decided for the sake of plug in compatibility I would run 32-bit office 2010 now that it’s RTM and available. I went and installed it. I had some odd issues with PowerPoint 2010 back in beta and had hoped they wouldn’t crop back up. To my dismay they did. All of the 2010 32-bit apps would run perfectly,…. except PowerPoint. Well as an instructor guess which one I use the most? Yup… PowerPoint. Feeling lost and helpless I did some testing.

PowerPoint in safe mode didn’t do any good. I knew there were some plugins that PowerPoint would be using, but how could i disable them without the app actually running?

I turned to my friends on the TechNet forums. There i posed my conundrum to the masses and Aaron from Microsoft led me to the promised land. He gave me some registry paths to check to see which plug ins were loaded. I then noted WebEx addins there. I hardly use it on my laptop so I just deleted them. Once this was done BAM, PowerPoint was resurrected!


One other odd thing I noted that Outlook 2010 was no longer showing my messages in “Conversation View” So to turn this back on i just had to access the “View” tab and turn it back on via a check box…


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