OK, I totally scammed this one off of one of the Springboard series of videos, but wanted to make it easier for people to follow the steps instead of having to sit through the video. GREAT video by the way..

HERE is the 21 min long video

HERE is the script though…

**Boot to VHD script**

Start CMD as Administrator


Create vdisk file=c:ultimate7rc.vhd maximum=15000 type=fixed

Select vdisk file=c:ultimate7rc.vhd

Attach vdisk

List disk

Select disk #

Create part primary

Select part 1


Format fs=ntfs quick


Open autoplay to show new drive and contents

Exit diskpart

Imagex /info c:install.wim —- shows the versions of the OS to install

Imagex /apply c:install.wim /check 4 (build # from info) g:

About 15 mins here


Sel vdisk file=c:ultimate7rc.vhd

Detach vdisk

See drive G disappears

Bcdedit to show current settings

Bcdedit /copy {current} /d “boot from VHD”

BCDedit again to get GUID

Bcdedit /set {GUID# here} device VHD=[C:]ultimate7rc.vhd

Bcdedit /set {GUID# here} osdevice VHD=[C:]ultimate7rc.vhd

Bcdedit /set {GUID# here} detecthal on

Bcdedit /set {GUID# here} description “VHD BOOT”

Bcdedit to see the changes to the BCDedit entry

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