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Archive for September, 2009

Microsoft has released a veritable crap ton of  information on Windows 7 deployment to the enterprise. Below are some awesome links on where to find migration / transition guides and outlines for all sizes of businesses..
Also WS2k8 R2 resources…
    Here is a good one! The president of the company comes to me with an odd mail issue. I have since found it’s not that odd, just one I had not personally experienced before. Allow me to take you on the journey to troubleshoot and solve this..
    "Chad, I can’t seem to send mail to this one person. Yet they can send mail to me from scratch, just I cannot reply"
What do you begin to think right off the bat? Not our servers, they are stable as can be! Well my first instinct was that it was likely an issue on their end. I had dropped a mail message (From my personal acct obviously) to the point of contact there asking if their mail admin could look at some SMTP logs to confirm or deny our servers are even talking. My through process to this point is – firgure out what is or is not working to eliminate either their systems or ours.
to start the mass elimination process i then sent another few test mails from different POP and web based mail systems to their servers. So we know now that their system can accept incoming SMTP connections from multiple sources inluding new domains. Now I started to think it was an issue with my server. No users from my system could send mail to theirs, but they could send to us. That tells me that their servers can establish an SMTP session with mine. from there i hit up the Exchange server 2007 toolbox. I brought up the queue viewer and noted the namespace i was trying to send to and it had a retry status with an error of "451 4.4.0 DNS Query failed." I then attacked NSLOOKUP to see if i could resolve their domain name for MX and A records for the SMTP hosts. I was able to do this with no issues.
So this tells me outbound mail isn’t even hitting the submission queue on this local server to even be sent. this makes the mailflow troubleshooter useless to me. What shocked me was that it was still only one domain having this issue. If I had DNS issues, wouldn’t it affect ALL external namespaces? not so. the kicker is in HOW the external namespace is being resolved. Remember your exchange box REQUIRES IPv6 for installation and will try to resolve all domain names for sending and categorization by all means (IP Stacks) neccessary.  Here is where i started doing some research and found some nice posts / articles…
Technet mail transport troubleshooting document  – i know it says Edge Transport , but it can be used for Hub Transport too
The article i got my final answer from  – Scroll down to the bottom in the "Troubleshooting DNS" section
So my final fix was adjusting the organization’s single send connector. On the properties dialog box and Network tab, It was set to just "Use domain name system (DNS) "MX" records to route mail automatically". At the bottom of this page there is a check box for "Use the external DNS lookup settings on the transport server". Once i checked this and restarted the Microsoft Exchange Transport service the mail flew out of the queue when i restarted it :-)
Microsoft is offering a special deal for college students on Windows 7 until early January 2010.
How about getting Win 7 home premium or Professional for $30??
Looking for microsoft exams? get 15-25% off selected MCP, MCTS, & MCITP exams! Have to register, pay and take them by  12/31/09!
I was thinking of trying to try out some virtualization products but dont know which one? Try an enterprise level MS product – HYPER-V!

best part is you can try it for free!

Download it here!

Windows Server Hyper-V edition home page

Wonder what the differences are between the Windows 7 verisons and costs?
want to pre-order now? go get em!
Looking for a better deployment solution for all windows OS’s from xp and up?
then you HAVE to check out the latest and greatest version of the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT)
you know the best part ??? IT’S FUH-REEEEEEEEEEEE!! AND it supports Windows 7 and server 2008 R2 RTM!!
Via Stephen L Rose from Microsoft’s page…

Two new Beta exams for all of you to try!

71-685: PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Technician

Public Registration begins: September 14, 2009
Beta exam period runs: September 14, 2009- October 16, 2009
Please use the following promotional code when registering for the exam: EDST7

71-686: PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator

Public Registration begins: September 14, 2009
Beta exam period runs: September 21, 2009- October 16, 2009
Please use the following promotional code when registering for the exam: EDA7

Great question! I too was looking for more detailed guidance in deploying this groundbreaking and "Killer app" feature for win7 and ws2k8R2 servers. This new feature basically makes and uses a "touchless" VPN solution. I would have killed for this years ago when i was at a large company with alot of unskilled road warrior remote users. They would always give me the same speech..
"Why can’t i just turn it on, log into windows and just auto-connect?"
that feature and day has arrived since that is exactly what Direct Access (DA) allows a user to do. As soon as you have an internet connection , BAM! Auto authentication using IPv6 and certicates to unsure an IPSec encrypted private connection without a single prompt for credentials!
Click the link for the IPD – Infrastructure planning and deployment guide!
     Our friends over at the MDOP team blog answered this big question recently… Too much to paste so use the link!