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Archive for August, 2009

In teaching a customized AD for windows server 2008 class this week a great question popped up (Thanks Eugene!)
Q: If i remove a user from the Allowed password caching policy, does his already cached password on the RODC get purged?
A: No it does not, just changes to the password are not replicated back down to the RODC anymore for that user.
     Here is a snippet from the FAQ document linked below…

How can you clear a password that is cached on an RODC?

There is no mechanism to erase passwords after they are cached on an RODC. If you want to clear a password that is stored on an RODC, an administrator should reset the password in the hub site. This way, the password that is cached in the branch will no longer be valid for accessing any resources in the hub site or other branches. In the branch that contains the RODC on which the password may have been compromised, the password will still be valid for authentication purposes until the next replication cycle, at which time its value that is stored on the RODC will be changed to Null. The new password will be cached only after the user authenticates with it—or the new password is prepopulated on the RODC—and if the PRP (password replication policy) has not been changed.

In the event that an RODC is compromised, you should reset the passwords for all accounts that have cached passwords and then rebuild the RODC.

Here are supporting links and some reference materials in regards to RODC’s and WS2008..
What is the deal with these GPO troubleshooting tools?

GPO Log View…


GPO Tool

Below are some cool links to some good documentation on ADFS, its uses and setup.
     How do I know if my environment is able to support the up and coming exchange 2010?
     There are some definite infrastructure pre-req’s you will want to make sure are in place before testing a deployment!
     Here is a nice document from the technet site outlining what is needed at the Jump…
 You can use the DNSCMD command and use the startscavenging switch..
Technet has provided a pretty good script on how to set up "boot from VHD"
Those over at are saying that Exchange 2010 RC1 will drop this week. This guy has been pretty good about spotting release dates.

Exchange 2010 RC1

This is actually a pretty common error which I too have fallen to. As administrators we out of best practice efforts for security, disable ports, protocols and anything else we don’t think we need. Guess what? Exch 2007 install REQUIRES an IPv6 address for the installation! I ran into this while building a Hyper-V based test environment and confirmed it’s a known issue via this forum thread – enjoy!
  A fellow trainer came up with a GREAT workaround for this… check it out after the JUMP!
There is a limited set of what you can do and manage within the MOSS calendar via an outlook 2007 client. You can add and even merge events if you wish. A really nice write up is listed for it here..

Integrating SharePoint and Outlook 2007